What Empowering Others Really Means

During the 2016 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland , Justin Trudeau – Canadian Prime Minister – addressed the world on the vitality of positive leadership.
Tackling the global refugee crisis , he broke away from the negative current of thoughts which admits that this human crisis is an “unwarranted burden”. This huge flux of migrants is a priceless source of diversity, a diversity which makes way for invention. For Trudeau , this is the time when we are transformed into positive leaders turning problems into positive solutions and helping communities thrive instead of fall. Why isn’t this common knowledge, you may ask !
Positivity is simply underrated and so is positive leadership; but the ability to lift people up in times of crises may just be the key to rescue your organization, start-up or government for that matter. It proves that no matter where you are , you will be able to empower those around you . How?

1. Adopt a set of values: Standing on a higher ground and being true to your principles will help you see the world clearer.

2. Know Yourself = Know others : knowing your weaknesses and strengths will help you shape a better version of yourself. It will also enable you to spot these same qualities in people around you

3. Be a Positive influence: Every step you take should reflect the positivity you believe in: Your circle of influence will get bigger and bigger .

Positive leadership creates a virtuous circle,” Justin Trudeau


In AIESEC , we staunchly believe in our organizational values. Tirelessly empowering others is what shapes us as leaders : leaders who are also self-aware and care about world issues. And with the abundance of cultures we experience on a daily basis , it is vital for us adopt different skins and lenses and select the best and the positive in what we have. This is where our organizational effectiveness lies.

“AIESEC gives an individual a chance to meet people from different countries. You work with them at local, national or international platforms. It gives you a chance to express yourself and this in return is empowering you as a global leader. Contribute for one AIESEC .”


After all, the paralyzing negativity surrounding the world is inhibiting youth potential. If we want to move forward , we need to create more positive leaders: Leaders who will act as a tide that raises all boats.



Education: Taken not Given

Education: Taken not Given

We know that education in developing countries is far from being perfect but till things change we need to do something about it, after all a lot of people quit school at early age and turned out to be even more successful that those who made it to the end.

If you think that this is another article about how you should work hard and push yourself to your limits in order to succeed, you are mistaken my friend.  This article is about being a lazy “smart-ass and make it in the real world by educating yourself.

  1. Embrace your laziness

Bill Gates said that he would rather hire a lazy person because he  will get the job done the easiest and the fastest way, and you know what, he was not bluffing . In fact, lazy people get the job done perfectly because they over compensate  for their laziness by making sure their work is different from anyone else’s.

So if you are lazy, don’t fight it! Embrace it and be smart about it 😉

  1. Confidence is more important than education

If you think that people only complain about their educational system in third world countries, you obvioulsy haven’t met any Harvard student! and you know what, they also complain, a lot ! So what makes them different from the others ? it is not the school itself but it’s the confidence that the school’s reputation gives them! So find your own confidence.

  1. Don’t go to famous schools

Nowadays, companies care less and less about the name of the school you went to, and they care more about your skills. So instead of investing in a very expensive education, litterally pick the cheapest school, because you don’t want to be indebt after you graduate.

  1. People’s skills are the best education

This one is the very important, my grandfather never had any education but how did he make it to build a successful life  ? because he learnt from others, being every day in the fields growing plants and in the market selling them, he didn’t need to have a marketing degree but he sold his vegetables and he was great doing it, because he learnt from his father.

So if you dont have any education stop crying about it and go learn from your father, your neighbour…

  1. Stealing ideas is not a crime

We all have that friend that has this crazy idea, he speaks about how he would start his own company, and this is a great lesson to learn, the lesson that dreaming is free. So if you think that his idea can be executed, just do it and prove to him that you are an action-oriented person and you don’t just do the talking but you are also ready to take the walk.

  1. Educate your self

Getting an education doesn’t require diplomas, and nowadays, thanks to the new technology, you find courses all over the internet, don’t hesitate to read and to enlarge your knowledge, education doesn’t end after graduation, it’s a life journey, and everyday there is new things in different fields so you need to stay up to date.


What do YOU think about education in your country ?