Vodilni svetovni organizator dogodkov MBA Eden na enega vam prihaja naproti

Vodilni svetovni organizator dogodkov MBA “Eden na enega” vam prihaja naproti.

Vrhunski dogodek MBA

Ljubljana, 7. maj

Srečajte se z vodilnimi šolami “eden na enega” in odkrijte, kako lahko dosežete svoje poklicne cilje.

Ekskluzivno na tem dogodku:

  • Mnoge vodilne poslovne šole na enem mestu
  • Individualni sestanki z direktorji, zadolženimi za sprejem študentov, ki bodo odgovarjali na vaša vprašanja
  • Posvetovalni pogovori o vašem projektu MBA s svetovalci Access MBA
  • Priprava na GMAT in delavnice
  • Mnoge priložnosti za pridobitev šolnine (v skupni vrednosti prek 1 milijona evrov)

Prijavite se in si zagotovite svoje mesto!


The worldwide leader in One-to-One MBA events is coming to Ljubljana on May 7, 2016. Now the world’s top business schools are within your reach!

Date: May 7, 2016

Time: From 09:30 to 15:30 (upon invitation)

Place: Hotel Lev

Vošnjakova ulica 1

Each participant will have the chance to benefit from:

  • One-to-One* and small group meetings with MBA Admissions Directors
  • Individual consulting sessions and GMAT test preparation
  • Many scholarship opportunities

By registering for the One-to-One MBA event, your profile will be carefully matched and selected for individual meetings with the business schools that correspond to your expectations.

*Individual 20 minute long meetings to discuss your MBA project

Register here: www.accessmba.com

5 Reasons why employees will leave your company

Job hopping is the ‘New Normal’ for Millennials. That means they would have 15–20 jobs over the course of their working lives! What makes them interested in so many different opportunities?

According to Global YouthSpeak survey young people are developing a more natural desire for being global citizens, resulting in a generation that is more comfortable with relocating, experiencing new environments and is hungry to learn about the world.

1. Global opportunities

Millennials are more mobile than the previous generation, they seek global experiences as a highly valued method of learning and development.

1 in 4 millennials see global experiences as the most important in the first 5 years of their career

They recognise the advantages of being abroad and the opportunities for accelerated career advancement. Don`t forget to take this in consideration while interviewing your young prospect candidates. Maybe if you are not providing international opportunities someone else has already did.

The reason they will leave your company is that they may feel like other workplace is more attractive and millennial will happily change one work for another seeking for a better option.

2. Constant learning

The majority of millennials have stated that experiential learning is their most preferred method of developing new skills. Learning for millennials goes beyond the classroom.

The reason they will leave your company is that they may feel like they are going nowhere with the position they are working. They don’t feel that they are growing.

3. Meaningful work

“Meaningful work for me is that whatever you do makes the world and humankind better, everyone clear of the impact the results bring, and not just taking decisions according to profit, without having in mind if this good for society at all” – Kathy, 21, Colombia

Millennials are seeking for employer who can provide them with the dynamic experiences that enable them to see the world, expand their horizons and contribute to a positive impact on society.

Millennials view the purpose of the workplace as going beyond traditional benefits — focusing more on their own individual development.

The reason they will leave your company is that they may don’t feel important. They perceive that what they do at their place of employment really doesn’t matter, they don’t feel they are making a meaningful contribution to the world. They feel it is just a job and nothing more.

Another option — they don’t believe in the product or service the company offers.

4. Challenging work

Challenging work may sounds tough but millennials will leave your company more likely if the work is not challenging enough rather than being too challenging.

Millennials are significantly motivated by their ability to keep learning and be challenged. They see learning as a continuous life-long journey. Millennials seek challenges, yet work life balance is of utmost importance to them.

5. Work-life balance

For millennials, a work-life balance is not simply about the division of work and their personal lives, but the prioritisation of personal interests and being able to do what they love in and outside of work. While the last generation was focused on their ability to get a 9–5 job that was secure, paid well and had vacation time.

Millennials are willing to trade off free days per year in return for greater flexibility at work and their ability to pursue personal interests and keep learning.

Millennials care deeply about their own personal interests and the workplace will need to reward employees beyond traditional benefits and to look at the ability of an employer to reward their talents on a more flexible and frequent basis. It will require a shift in mindset of what work-life balance looks like.

If your company provides global opportunities, appreciates constant learning, gives meaningful and challenging work while values the work-life balance of young employees, you can be sure that millennials will be more engaged in your workplace and will be retained for longer.

Are you ready for the real world? A degree does not seem to guarantee employment anymore.

As a young graduate or as a student, you can have a lot of hopes and fears about your future life and especially your career. We know why you worry about it.

When AIESEC tried to probe this scenario using our global YouthSpeak survey, the insights were simply surprising and interesting to record. With over 40,000 responses from 100 countries and territories, the survey insights highlight the need for trust built upon the existing education system through evolution.

61% of millennials plan to become entrepreneurs while 8.7% already are. The question is: are education systems across the world able to accommodate what students actually desire for a career?

Globalisation presents a lot of challenges, but also opportunities.  As for the future careers of students, more than 50% believe that professional experience can support the future career development. Research of www.graduatecareers.com mentions that:

Graduates who did any work in their final year were more likely to be employed full-time after graduation than those who did not work while finishing their degree.

It means that employers value experienced students, even if it is outside their field of study. Some students are working part time while studying, but the problem is that many of these jobs cannot really contribute towards their future career.

One of the solutions can be professional internships for students, which can be even more beneficial if the internship is undertaken in another country.

Stuart Fuller, Global Managing Partner at King & Wood Mallesons said:

“You cannot understand Asia by just sitting in Australia or in Europe. Equally you cannot understand Australia or Europe by just sitting in Asia.

My advice for everybody is mobility and global mindset. When you come to do something, you have to use not only your local mindset and the way things you have done things in your particular region or market. You also need a global mindset, to understand how to work in a new and unfamiliar market, see the world through the eyes of different people, and most importantly the need to listen carefully.”

With current political and economic situation in the year 2016, globalisation is not a trend, but a reality. The more students are ready to deal with it, more competitive they can be.

What skills are the most relevant right now?

Nowadays, employers are looking for students that are not only skilled in their professional fields, but are also innovative, responsible, and able to deal with uncertainty and different challenges.

In AIESEC, we call it leadership. We believe that the world needs leadership as a fundamental solution to all the challenges we face, and we also believe that it can be developed in anyone.

We play our part in sending students and recent graduates abroad for volunteering and professional experiences to help them develop their leadership skills and qualities.

Going on global professional internship program can help you develop your self-awareness.

Imagine that for the first time in your life, you will need to deal with new customers in a small start-up, or imagine that you are working in a team with five other interns, and every one of them is from a different country. How would you find the way to communicate with them effectively, how will you develop your own skills to adapt the new style of working and different business etiquette? All of this will make you more self-aware as a person.

Coming from another country and trying to implement new things in a company requires from you ability of empowering others. Overall, spending between two months to one year in a different country and working environment gives you a better understanding of what is happening around the world and the ability to have a global mindset and become a world citizen.

«World citizen», «Self-awareness», «Empowering others» and «solution oriented» are the four qualities we aim to develop in youth through our leadership development model.

Going on the Global Talent or Global Citizen program develops your leadership through a professional or volunteering experience abroad, giving you the environment and opportunity to acquire relevant skills for the real world, making you a prospective employee of every company’s dreams.

If you are a student or recent graduate you can apply for any of AIESEC programs. Find more info on AIESEC Internships

We are young, therefore most people don’t expect us to do important things.

We are young, therefore most people don’t expect us to do important things.

This is the unpleasant truth that we don’t usually think about, or might not even be aware of most of the time. People not having high expectation of us makes things a lot easier but at the same time it makes us not expect much from ourselves neither. We are happy in our little bubble, satisfied if we do our exams before the summer starts and we have enough time to do a summer job and go someplace new. The stereotype about student years says that these are the best years in one’s life. You are considered to be young and free, with all of your life still ahead of you and you have all the opportunities in the world while your fate is still yet to be determined. You are allowed to make failures and mistakes because you are still in the process of gaining experiences and therefore it is understandable to do stupid things at times. In general you have a lot of energy to party and all that is expected of you is to finish your school year.

Still, as our experiences show us, things are not so simple. Many young people have problems with school which often results in an overwhelming feeling of a lack of time to do anything else in life, they don’t take time for their hobbies and little joys like traveling, meeting new people, doing sports or whatever makes them happy. In my opinion, however, the real reason why many young people have such a hard time finishing their studies lies in motivation. Financial and social stability is a big problem here. Many people go to study something which feels “safe” and even though they might not have an interest in that particular area they do it just to secure a job in the future. Of course it is hard to finish something you don’t feel interested in. And people who are studying something they are interested in are often scared of what will happen when they’ll finish their studies.

In times like these, apathy can easily occure. As I have mentioned above, due to problems with their studies many students put off their other interests or abandon them completely. But how does that effect our motivation?

I am sure that we can all think of a certain experience from our past when we did some unpleasant job quickly just because we had something nicer to do afterwards and we didn’t want to miss it. Why? Because we had the motivation to do it. So, if your life seems kind of vacant right now and you’re feeling that things aren’t going according to plan, maybe it is not because you are giving too little effort and time in things needed to be done. Maybe you just need more positive things, more experiences and more pleasant activities that will restore balance in your life. You will always have things needed to be done but if you don’t have something that pushes you forward, if your only motivation is not to fail in something and you are not really enjoying what do, you will have trouble accomplishing anything at all.

Some people find their motivation, peace and meaning in sports, some in acting while others find it in dancing or playing an instrument. I have always liked to read, therefore it was only natural for me to start writing, and because I like to make up stories with fictional characters in fantasy worlds I, ever since I can remember, have wanted to draw a picture of what was going on in my mind. Before I could read, I wanted to become a painter, but just before going to primary school I learned how to read and decided I will be a writer, a decision that has stuck with me ever since. This motivation led to my book being published while I was still in high school. This was a big encouragement for me and made me realize that I have potential. Nowadays I study Art History and Slovene, areas connected with my interests, but if I wouldn’t write and draw at home, I would probably be feeling like something is missing.

So, one can say that I found my talent, therefore I shouldn’t feel any lack of motivation in my life. But for the past year I felt like something was missing. I needed more. I needed more experiences in my life, more connections with new people, more positive energy. Let’s face it, writing, drawing, reading, those are all wonderful ways that brings us a peace of mind but they are all solo activities which you can spend hours doing without talking to anyone. I needed something organized, something that included a large group of people. Since I was never interested in sports and didn’t know exactly what I was looking for, I felt quite lost for some time. But then, a friend of mine mentioned AIESEC to me. I heard him talking about it before, but with the last high school year wrapping up it was the first time he mentioned that AIESEC is an organization in which I could fit in and that it would be good for me to join.

At that point, I didn’t know much about AIESEC. I didn’t even know exactly what AIESEC is and what it does. But I trusted my friend and followed my philosophy stating that, when life gives you an opportunity, in most cases it is better for you to take it than leave it. You can never be completely sure about anything in this world and there will always be reasons to be scared and yes, sometimes life will bring you down. But if you are always too scared to try something new, life will not only bring you down – it will leave you behind.

I’ve been in AIESEC for about two months now and I can already see changes in my life and my attitude towards it. I have more motivation, I do my duties faster, I am more effective, more optimistic, more positive, and happier. I feel like I am doing something good and I like the structure, where I don’t feel alone but rather like I am a part of a large group of people that shares the same goals. I feel like together we are really making positive changes. And it is a great feeling when you can see results of your work and you can see that you are actually doing something good.

Therefore, I ask you, and please, answer my questions truthfully: Do you feel like you are doing your best? Are you using the full amount of your potentials? Do you feel like you need something more in your life? Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? Are you happy?

Finally, please, don’t ever think that you did everything that you can. There is always more that you can do. That is the meaning of life for me – stay active! There are so many ways to do it…

“If you are watching a truly happy man, you will see that he is building an arc, writing a symphony, teaching his son, …double dalies or in the desert of Gobi searching dinosaur’s eggs. You will not see him searching for luck as it would be a goal …”

– W. Beran Wolfe

Amadea Kovič

80,000 Young people make a bold commitment to the world

Just 2 days after the Security Council passed a historic resolution on youth, peace and security, the world’s largest youth run organization – AIESEC, made a bold and ambitious commitment to the world.

In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) which is a a sweeping 15-year global plan of action. As soon as the goals were passed, it was clear that the achievement of these goals will require the youth to take up an enormous role in leading it. 

For this, over 90 ​member​ presidents of AIESEC came together ​for AIESEC Youth Aciton Summit at the​United Nations to build and launchthree bold commitments that will ensure achievement of the SDGs:

  1. Create awareness of the global goals – Majority of the world doesn’t even know that the sustainable development goals exist – whereas the goals are for them. Hence, AIESEC will pioneer the responsibility of raising awareness about these global goals among its members, partners, collaborators and young people across the world.
  2. Foster engagement around the global goals – AIESEC believes that youth opinion is what makes the world spin. Hence, it commits to gather and amplify youth opinion on issues that matter to them. AIESEC also aims to facilitate global and local discussions that will help young people turn their opinions into actionable ideas.
  3. Take action on the global goals – AIESEC has been successfully running two worldwide exchange programs – Global Citizen (Short term volunteer exchange) and Global Talent (Long term professional exchange). After this summit, AIESEC commits to shape its programs around the global goals in a way that its accelerates achievement of the global goals.


By making these three commitments, the world’s largest youth run organisation is sending a huge message to the world. The message is simple – there is no way that the Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved without a youth-led movement!

How Important is International Experience?

Colleges and universities around the world are continuously encouraging students to become more globally engaged and go abroad. Studies have also shown that students who work abroad develop the necessary skills to function in the world and become more easily employed. The question is, what is the true value behind those international experiences? How important is it?

First, by going on an international exchange, it will help you with a number of different work opportunities and benefit your career. Local employers value international experience because companies are becoming more international. The work force is becoming more diverse and is becoming more of an asset to local employers. For example, cross-cultural skills help with employability. Being able to speak a different language is truly a skill that is wanted and needed with employers. By knowing another language, it allows companies to build connections with clients overseas and is extremely crucial to the company’s success. Of course, going abroad is even more valuable for international employers because they are always looking at experience. There are plenty of other work skills that can benefit your career; such as, being able to manage change, being independent and being able to communicate.

Although, going abroad may help you attract employers and give you a boost on your resume, there are even more benefits for students beyond this. A number of students mention that going international has allowed them to grow personally.When people go abroad, they tend to break down their own barriers and feelings about their own country being the best and the only way to live. However, once abroad, they get the chance to experience different lifestyles, cultures and develop positive attitudes towards other countries. In addition, this gives them the chance to explore more about themselves and what they can accomplish. Think about it, this can be you.

You may experience many highs and lows when you are abroad. It is not always an easy journey and there will be hardships. However, the cultural experiences and the valuable skills obtained makes it a great learning curve and extremely worthwhile.

Why think about it? Go on an AIESEC exchange today and start your journey today.

Register here

Galactic Citizen – Volunteer on Mars


Make your meaningless existence a little less depressing.

Discover yourself on the planet voted “2nd Most Habitable” by science.


AIESEC has been a historic provider of impactful international experiences for over 65 years and we’re going beyond global. Not satisfied with being in only 126 countries and territories, we’ve expanded our reach above the atmosphere. We’re searching for 50 young Earthicans to start this program in May, June, or July of 2016 and you’ll be on the red dot in the sky using untested futuristic teleportation tubes that may kill you. This is a volunteer (UNPAID) opportunity available to current students and recent graduates. Spend this summer doing something worthwhile and having a fun, albeit dangerous, time doing it.

Personal Development

Gain a better understanding of yourself by helping a little red planet. AIESEC will provide you with developmental sessions nightly as you cope with your impending doom.

Experiential Learning

How long can a human survive for on the Martian surface? What does death by volcanic hurricane feel like? Do evil space goblins exist? You’ll be the first to really know!

Community Impact

Connect with local Martians and learn about their culture. Be sure to disguise yourself, otherwise you’ll be sacrificed to their god Lrrr, the ruler of planet Omicron Persei 8.

Wondrous Adventure

Feel the rush from your lungs being flushed with carbon dioxide. See great sights like the face of mars and other over-eroded rock formations. Hear the sound of millions of miles of silence.


Interested in travelling to the new, new frontier? Mars has everything young people could want in a volunteer experience: quiet spaces for reflection, open skies for tanning, extreme radiation, low rent, and 9-foot-tall leech monsters that erupt from the ground with the setting sun. Check out everything you’ll need to know about your time on Mars

AIESEC does not cover dismemberment insurance, spacefare, or program delays caused by mutant-alien invasions.


  • Green on Red is a project based on the western edge of Olympus Mons that seeks to embody the red planet with environmentally friendly values. Volunteers will plant trees along the dusty valleys and hills that populate mars. Please be advised that because of wind gusts typically up to 500 mph that this project should only be taken on by those with no fear of dying alone on an alien planet.
  • Mars University is a non-profit educational institution founded long before time has words to describe. Volunteers here will be able to interact with native Martian children and teach them about Earthican cultural hallmarks such as baseball, arguing, and worshiping celebrities. Funding for this project has been provided by the Wong Family.

Details & Requirements

We have 50 positions available for students or recent graduates to volunteer on Mars for between6 and 8 weeks starting in May June, or July of 2016. Volunteers are able to preference what landmark, dried-up lake, or sand dune they would like to be placed in and the duration of their program.

  • Language Requirements: Excellent or native English; basic Martian is advantageous.
  • Background Requirements: You must be a current student of a US-based university or have graduated in the past two years. There is no specific requirements for class standing or academic major. Alien warfare tactics and experience working with Xenomorphs is preferred.
  • Visa Requirements: Earth citizens can volunteer legally on Mars without a visa for life and there is no entry requirements other than surviving the transit and landing.


Program Benefits

  • Advanced Cultural Immersion: Volunteering with AIESEC allows you to be fully immersed into Martian culture and experience life from a perspective beyond this world.
  • Multinational Peer Group: AIESEC is present in 126 countries and territories and young people from all of them will be volunteering on Mars on different programs.
  • Accommodation: Volunteers will be provided with their own sleeping tube at the camp they will be working in. This camp will also include a state-of-the-art panic room and the film “Panic Room” on DVD for your viewing pleasure. There is no Netflix, Tinder, or Instagram on Mars, so please be prepared. Meals will be provided in pill form for the duration of your stay.
  • Outgoing Preparation: Our skilled and trained AIESEC members will prepare you for the journey of a lifetime with state-of-the-art space training inspired by movies like Gravity andThe Martian. Our partner organization, the Galactic Empire, will also train you on important skills like how to assume to fetal position and what to do if and when a xenomorph larvae injects you with an egg (prepare for death).
  • Return Logistics: Though this is a 6 week program, please be aware that currently there is no returnee integration strategy for volunteers. By the time you have passed through the interdimensional portal that may or may not be a literal passage to hell and completed your program, we hope that there will be a method to return you home. Otherwise, please be prepared to populate Mars with other the volunteers – a copy of Barry White’s Greatest Hits on Compact Disk is also available to volunteers.

Local Culture

The bright and vibrant culture of Mars has been known to Earthican kind since their failed invasion attempt in 1996. You may not remember this because the NSA wiped all human memory of this historic event. Though still somewhat hostile, many native Martians are ready and open to learn about humans and the delicious paste that can be made from their brain stems. Please do not yodel or play Bjork albums.
Mars internship
Program Partners

AIESEC is working with a variety of partners to make this experience possible.

MARS Partners