Vodilni svetovni organizator dogodkov MBA Eden na enega vam prihaja naproti

Vodilni svetovni organizator dogodkov MBA “Eden na enega” vam prihaja naproti.

Vrhunski dogodek MBA

Ljubljana, 7. maj

Srečajte se z vodilnimi šolami “eden na enega” in odkrijte, kako lahko dosežete svoje poklicne cilje.

Ekskluzivno na tem dogodku:

  • Mnoge vodilne poslovne šole na enem mestu
  • Individualni sestanki z direktorji, zadolženimi za sprejem študentov, ki bodo odgovarjali na vaša vprašanja
  • Posvetovalni pogovori o vašem projektu MBA s svetovalci Access MBA
  • Priprava na GMAT in delavnice
  • Mnoge priložnosti za pridobitev šolnine (v skupni vrednosti prek 1 milijona evrov)

Prijavite se in si zagotovite svoje mesto!


The worldwide leader in One-to-One MBA events is coming to Ljubljana on May 7, 2016. Now the world’s top business schools are within your reach!

Date: May 7, 2016

Time: From 09:30 to 15:30 (upon invitation)

Place: Hotel Lev

Vošnjakova ulica 1

Each participant will have the chance to benefit from:

  • One-to-One* and small group meetings with MBA Admissions Directors
  • Individual consulting sessions and GMAT test preparation
  • Many scholarship opportunities

By registering for the One-to-One MBA event, your profile will be carefully matched and selected for individual meetings with the business schools that correspond to your expectations.

*Individual 20 minute long meetings to discuss your MBA project

Register here: www.accessmba.com

Galactic Citizen – Volunteer on Mars


Make your meaningless existence a little less depressing.

Discover yourself on the planet voted “2nd Most Habitable” by science.


AIESEC has been a historic provider of impactful international experiences for over 65 years and we’re going beyond global. Not satisfied with being in only 126 countries and territories, we’ve expanded our reach above the atmosphere. We’re searching for 50 young Earthicans to start this program in May, June, or July of 2016 and you’ll be on the red dot in the sky using untested futuristic teleportation tubes that may kill you. This is a volunteer (UNPAID) opportunity available to current students and recent graduates. Spend this summer doing something worthwhile and having a fun, albeit dangerous, time doing it.

Personal Development

Gain a better understanding of yourself by helping a little red planet. AIESEC will provide you with developmental sessions nightly as you cope with your impending doom.

Experiential Learning

How long can a human survive for on the Martian surface? What does death by volcanic hurricane feel like? Do evil space goblins exist? You’ll be the first to really know!

Community Impact

Connect with local Martians and learn about their culture. Be sure to disguise yourself, otherwise you’ll be sacrificed to their god Lrrr, the ruler of planet Omicron Persei 8.

Wondrous Adventure

Feel the rush from your lungs being flushed with carbon dioxide. See great sights like the face of mars and other over-eroded rock formations. Hear the sound of millions of miles of silence.


Interested in travelling to the new, new frontier? Mars has everything young people could want in a volunteer experience: quiet spaces for reflection, open skies for tanning, extreme radiation, low rent, and 9-foot-tall leech monsters that erupt from the ground with the setting sun. Check out everything you’ll need to know about your time on Mars

AIESEC does not cover dismemberment insurance, spacefare, or program delays caused by mutant-alien invasions.


  • Green on Red is a project based on the western edge of Olympus Mons that seeks to embody the red planet with environmentally friendly values. Volunteers will plant trees along the dusty valleys and hills that populate mars. Please be advised that because of wind gusts typically up to 500 mph that this project should only be taken on by those with no fear of dying alone on an alien planet.
  • Mars University is a non-profit educational institution founded long before time has words to describe. Volunteers here will be able to interact with native Martian children and teach them about Earthican cultural hallmarks such as baseball, arguing, and worshiping celebrities. Funding for this project has been provided by the Wong Family.

Details & Requirements

We have 50 positions available for students or recent graduates to volunteer on Mars for between6 and 8 weeks starting in May June, or July of 2016. Volunteers are able to preference what landmark, dried-up lake, or sand dune they would like to be placed in and the duration of their program.

  • Language Requirements: Excellent or native English; basic Martian is advantageous.
  • Background Requirements: You must be a current student of a US-based university or have graduated in the past two years. There is no specific requirements for class standing or academic major. Alien warfare tactics and experience working with Xenomorphs is preferred.
  • Visa Requirements: Earth citizens can volunteer legally on Mars without a visa for life and there is no entry requirements other than surviving the transit and landing.


Program Benefits

  • Advanced Cultural Immersion: Volunteering with AIESEC allows you to be fully immersed into Martian culture and experience life from a perspective beyond this world.
  • Multinational Peer Group: AIESEC is present in 126 countries and territories and young people from all of them will be volunteering on Mars on different programs.
  • Accommodation: Volunteers will be provided with their own sleeping tube at the camp they will be working in. This camp will also include a state-of-the-art panic room and the film “Panic Room” on DVD for your viewing pleasure. There is no Netflix, Tinder, or Instagram on Mars, so please be prepared. Meals will be provided in pill form for the duration of your stay.
  • Outgoing Preparation: Our skilled and trained AIESEC members will prepare you for the journey of a lifetime with state-of-the-art space training inspired by movies like Gravity andThe Martian. Our partner organization, the Galactic Empire, will also train you on important skills like how to assume to fetal position and what to do if and when a xenomorph larvae injects you with an egg (prepare for death).
  • Return Logistics: Though this is a 6 week program, please be aware that currently there is no returnee integration strategy for volunteers. By the time you have passed through the interdimensional portal that may or may not be a literal passage to hell and completed your program, we hope that there will be a method to return you home. Otherwise, please be prepared to populate Mars with other the volunteers – a copy of Barry White’s Greatest Hits on Compact Disk is also available to volunteers.

Local Culture

The bright and vibrant culture of Mars has been known to Earthican kind since their failed invasion attempt in 1996. You may not remember this because the NSA wiped all human memory of this historic event. Though still somewhat hostile, many native Martians are ready and open to learn about humans and the delicious paste that can be made from their brain stems. Please do not yodel or play Bjork albums.
Mars internship
Program Partners

AIESEC is working with a variety of partners to make this experience possible.

MARS Partners